Dr. Todd Conklin shares “The PreAccident Investigation Podcast” on SafetyFM Live on a daily basis.

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Dr. Todd Conklin is an internationally recognized expert in Organizational Culture and Behavior and Human Performance. Working with organizations that perform high-risk, high-consequence activities in ensuring that the interface between the organization’s work control systems and the organization’s workers are crafted in such a way as to create system influences and expected performances and to prevent unexpected events. If prevention efforts fail, lead and assist in failure investigation and learning for organizations that have had some level of high-consequence operational event. The outcome of these investigation and organizational learning activities is to create and facilitate learning change planning, and programming for improved, resilient performance for the future.


Jill James, Chief Safety Officer shares the “The Accidental Safety Pro Podcast ” podcast on SafetyFM Live on a daily basis.

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Host of The Accidental Safety Pro Podcast.  This safety podcast is a series of conversations with safety professionals about how they came into their role, what they've learned along the way, as well as some of the highs and lows that come with job.

I am passionate about public speaking and training. To me, that can mean the fun challenge of captivating a room filled with a couple hundred people to a one-on-one connection leaving that person feeling time wasn't wasted and they walked away with something they can apply to their work environment and felt heard and respected. I enjoy taking complicated, dry, or regulatory information and boiling it down to, "What's in it for this audience?" and deliver it in a way resulting in comments like, "You made that fun" or "I actually learned something" or my favorite response which are questions, so many questions, time runs out and people linger to get their question answered. That's when I know I made a connection and I love that about my career! 


Dr. Allen shares episodes of the “Safety FM” podcast on SafetyFM Live on a daily basis.

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Jay Allen, Ph.D. is the host of Safety FM. Jay has multiple years of experience with the development of safety programs and changing the safety cultures of organizations. Jay has a doctorate in psychology, bachelors in broadcasting, and is certified with American Society of Safety Professionals, National Safety Council, Transit Safety Institute, World Safety Organization, (YOU GET THE POINT) and is ready to spread his safety views to the world with the Safety FM broadcast and podcast.

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Timothy Ludwig, Ph.D shares the “Insights Into Your Safety Culture” podcast on SafetyFM Live on a daily basis.

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Tim Ludwig earned his Ph.D. at Virginia Tech researching the benefits of employee-driven behavioral safety programs under E. Scott Geller continuing his post-doctoral work in industrial engineering studying applications of W. Edwards Deming to quality and safety improvement.  His popular website is a content-rich resource of safety culture stories, blogs, research, videos, and services.  Dr. Ludwig was cited in Industrial Safety and Hygiene News (ISHN) “50 Leaders for Today and Tomorrow”. Dr. Ludwig serves on the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies’ Behavioral Safety Accreditation Commission that reviews best-in-industry safety practices and offers independent, objective feedback on safety programs.