Safety FM Hires Roni Kean as Business Development Manager

Orlando, FL June 9, 2019 – Safety Focus Moment LLC., a safety consulting firm and creators of Safety FM Network, today announced the hiring of Roni Kean as Business Development Manager. She will have the primary responsibility for the business development of Safety Focus Moment LLC, safety services.

"Roni has been a key part of the success of other companies in the transportation and safety industry. We are thrilled to have her in this important position," said Dr. Jay Allen, Chief Safety Officer for Safety Focus Moment LLC and the host of Safety FM podcast and broadcast flagship show.

Ms. Kean has been in the safety field for 17 years and quickly rose to several supervisory and management positions through the years. Ms. Kean is known as a subject matter expert in her field and is considered one of the top safety speakers in Canada.

Ms. Kean received a Masters degree in I/O Psychology from McMaster University.

Safety Focus Moment LLC is a diversified provider of safety services to all industries. Safety FM Network is considered one of the most popular safety radio stations and podcast networks in the world.

For more information about Safety Focus Moment LLC, go to the company's website at

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