Jill James, Chief Safety Officer shares the β€œThe Accidental Safety Pro Podcast ” podcast on SafetyFM Live on a daily basis.

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Host of The Accidental Safety Pro Podcast.  This safety podcast is a series of conversations with safety professionals about how they came into their role, what they've learned along the way, as well as some of the highs and lows that come with job.

I am passionate about public speaking and training. To me, that can mean the fun challenge of captivating a room filled with a couple hundred people to a one-on-one connection leaving that person feeling time wasn't wasted and they walked away with something they can apply to their work environment and felt heard and respected. I enjoy taking complicated, dry, or regulatory information and boiling it down to, "What's in it for this audience?" and deliver it in a way resulting in comments like, "You made that fun" or "I actually learned something" or my favorite response which are questions, so many questions, time runs out and people linger to get their question answered. That's when I know I made a connection and I love that about my career!