Mobile App Release - Ready for Safety 24/7?

Download the Safety FM app and listen live all the time! Click on the link below to download the app: (Don't forget to submit your entry for the prize drawing)

Get it on Google Play

Safety FM listeners are you tired of waiting around for safety podcasts to be released? We are excited to enhance your experience by turning our live streaming radio channel into an app available directly for each of you in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

We will conduct a drawing for all the people who download the app and submit proof of the download with a screenshot of the app fully installed and running, please submit proof to

The prize for the drawing will be for Dr. Todd Conklin’s new book: The 5 Principles of Human Performance.

We will be giving away five books in total, the date of the drawing will be 2/26/19. All entries must be submitted by 2/25/19 6 PM (Pacific) — one entry per email address.

All the safety talks you can look for available to you 24/7. Special hosts throughout the day provide a mix of early podcast releases, live content, and archived podcasts as well. We have collaborated directly with thought leaders in the Safety Industry to create the best content!

You can see who is playing now on the app, what shows you might have missed, set an alarm clock or make sure to put a sleep timer on so you don’t play the app all night!

You can also select visit website in the app to go directly to and look up old SafetyFM episodes or check out the Host page to see upcoming show times for the radio hosts.

We had so many responses from our 24/7 streaming option on our website that we chose to make streaming even more interactive by giving you a mobile app option!

Happy Listening!!

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